Our Engagement


When Chris and I got engaged I had a million emotions running through my head. After hearing of countless friends’ engagements I had fantasized this moment. Every time Chris was nice to me I would think … OMG Is he about to propose? But he never did.

Then on August 13, 2017,  after dating for over two and a half  years, Chris and I were aimlessly walking around Central Park. I was looking for a spot for us to make out. I spotted a field of topless guys but Chris suggested we head to the lake. When we finally stopped at a mini bolder Chris told me he had a surprise for me. I looked down and there it was. My heart stopped. I couldn’t see, I couldn’t think, I couldn’t believe what was happening. I was in complete shock. I don’t understand how other women keep it together. How do they process this huge moment in their life and say YES within seconds!

I started hyperventilating. I starting sobbing “are you serious” over and over again. I couldn’t stop crying. To this day I am not sure if I ever say “yes”. I just kept staring at this new addition to my ring finger.


The critical voice inside of me mumbled… ummm this is not the ring I have pinned on my Pinterest board. But the louder voice inside of me yelled.. do not ruin this moment! Then my mind started racing… Who knows about this? Did Chris ask my dad? How long has Chris been planning this? Where did the ring come from?

I was brought back to reality when a Central Park ambassador offered to take our picture. What proposal pose should we do? Should we kiss? Should I hold out my hand?


I wanted to focus on how thankful I was that Chris just made this amazing grand gesture and pulled off this huge surprise. But I couldn’t. Instead I asked if Chris had anything else he wanted to say to me? Like… I wanted an “I love you” speech. Chris didn’t even hesitate and said all the right things.

After several minutes I finally grasped the reality that Chris and I were actually engaged.  What would I harass Chris about everyday now? A huge part of our relationship at this point was “when are you going to propose?” I could no longer make not so subtle elaborate proposal suggestions, mostly around Mardi Gras marching bands. Although we were both beyond excited to move onto the next phase of our relationship, the thought of that made me a little sad, it was the end of an era.


I didn’t want the moment to end but once we saw the third rat run by we figured it was time to leave. We were staying with friends and it was time to celebrate!


The mixture of post engagement stress and champagne didn’t mix well with me. On the way to the airport the next morning I️ threw up in my purse, basically the worst way to start engaged life.


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