Weekend Getaway: Destin, FL

I have been blessed with many things in this life. The latest blessing, a luxurious condo on the white sandy beaches of Destin, FL!

Living in New Orleans, I always dreamed of being that girl who’s parents had a condo on the beach. 32 years later my dreams have become a reality! Thank You Daddy!

With that said, at 32 you have a few more life responsibilities so you sneak in a weekend getaway when you can, even if it just for a day or 2.




There is something about going to the beach. I don’t now if it is the sea breeze, the sound of crashing waves or just looking out into the ocean and not seeing anything but water. Sitting out on the hot sand, smelling the salty ocean air leaves me completely refreshed , yet always wanting more!




We woke up Saturday morning and I could not have been more excited! I was the first out of bed and immediately headed to our balcony overlooking the clear blue water and pristine white sand.  The beach was calm and flocks of pelicans were flying below us.   I could have sat out in the shade all day, just listening to the waves crash.

However, we needed to get our tan on, with appropriate SPF of course! Also I love sand! I love to sit in the sand and rub sand all over my body. It is natures best exfoliant and my skin is always so soft after.

Once I was completely covered in sand and getting a few strange looks from Chris, we headed into the water.




The Gulf was the perfect temperature for swimming! It was so fun watching Chris turn into a little fish and have a blast out there. I was shocked at how far he swam out. I was a little more reserved and decided to hang back in waist deep water, always keeping an eye out on him of course.

Lifeguards were also monitoring the situation by land, water and sky. I just watched the Baywatch movie so seeing the lifeguards whip around on jet skis made me wonder if  Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson or Zack Effron’s body double was out there.


beach clean up


Since Chris was occupied I busted out a net and caught a few pieces of plastic floating in the water. (STOP POLLUTING THE OCEANS PEOPLE!)

We eventually needed a rest because playing in the ocean is exhausting! We sank into our beach chairs under the shade of our umbrella and sipped on some delicious, beach friendly, Pool Boy Rose. It was National Rose Day after all! Pool boy comes in a plastic bottle so its the perfect beach or pool companion!




After swimming and drinking we were getting hungry! But since we were drinking, no one wanted to drive. The best thing about The Back Porch is that you can walk there, in your bathing suit, have a pretty decent lunch and cocktail and walk right back. The only problem is everyone has the same idea as you do. The Back Porch is super busy but still manage to give you great service. Our only complaint was our food was a little cold when it came out. Like it was waiting too long on the “line” before making its way to the table.

We came back and lounged on the beach and took advantage of the golden hour light for a few pics. The end of a beach day is always bitter sweet and we didn’t want it to end.



Long story short, even a day at the beach is enough to melt away all your problems. We just felt so relaxed to be out in the sun, playing in the water.  It was the perfect weekend getaway and we cannot wait to go back in the fall!



Where we ate:

Favorite Local Pizza: Merlin’s Pizza. So yummy even for breakfast the next day!

The Back Porch: Convenient Beach Spot with Burgers, Seafood Staples and a long cocktail menu!

Avoid:  The Other End. To put it bluntly, the place sucked! The burger buns were so bad we could not eat them!

Say Yes to a Local Chain: Shrimp Baskets.  I had the fried shrimp kids meal. It was pretty freaking delicious! Probably my favorite meal of the trip.

The prize of Florida: Publix.  An amazing grocery store and famous for their sandwiches!

Where we Stayed:

Sliver Beach Towers: Beautiful 4 bedroom condo right on the beach!


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